WOD: 11-9-12

Strength:  15-10-5 Front Squats

Set of 15 = 5 lbs. less than last time
Set of 10 = same as last time
Set of 5 = 5 lbs. more than last time

WOD:  10 rounds for time:

10 Calorie Row
10 Push Ups

Level 2 WOD has a time limit of 8:10.  20 Splendids worth of motivational consequence if the time limit was attempted, but not met.


I know it’s Friday, but still…

It snowed this week.  If you were wondering whether or not I like snow, the 5000 Burpees for time December Baseline should let you know.  I could go on with how awful this weather is, but then mother nature would win.  Instead I will present you with two ways to waste your time today.

Lower your volume and play this

Take a trip here

See you at the gym,





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